MezIO™ - Interchangeable mezzanine I/O board

Neousys MezIO™ makes the embedded system incorporating all the functions of application-oriented I/O. It offers computer signals, power rails and control signals via a high-speed connector. MezIO™ is also mechanically reliable benefited from its 3-point mounted mezzanine structure. A MezIO™ module can leverage these signals to implement comprehensive I/O functions.

Neousys provides various MezIO™ modules, such as RS-232/422/485, isolated DIO, LVDS output, CAN bus, ignition power control, and DTIO. Users can also leverage signals/powers on MezIO™ to create a module with specific domain know-how. MezIO™ presents a cost-effective way to build a tailor-made embedded system for your application.

Concept of MezIO™ Interface

Neousys MezIO™ (Interchangeable mezzanine I/O board) is the interface module designed for incorporating application-oriented I/O functions into a embedded system.

High-speed board-to-board connector

Offering various signals and power rails via a high-speed connector with motherboard for high-density and high-power applications.

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High-speed board-to-board connector

Neousys MezIO™ Available on Modules


6th Generation Intel® Skylake Core™ i7/i5/i3 Fanless Controller with 6x GbE, MezIO™ Interface and Low-profile Chassis


6th Generation Intel® Skylake Core™ i7/i5/i3 Fanless Controller with 6x GbE, Expansion Cassette and MezIO™ Interface

Nuvis-5306RT Series

6th-Gen Intel® Skylake Vision Controller with Vision-Specific I/O, Real-time Control and GPU-Computing


Intel® 6th-Gen Skylake Core™ i7/i5/i3 In-Vehicle Controller with 4x M12 PoE+ Ports, DIO, CAN bus and RAID


Ultra-compact Atom™ Bay Trail-I Fanless General-Purpose Embedded Controller


Intel® Atom™ E3950 Ultra-Compact DIN-Rail Controller with GbE, PoE and USB 3.0


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