Fanless Box PC vs. Traditional IPC?

Neousys Fanless Box PC features low power consumption electronic components and can function with 100% CPU load under wide temperature conditions from -25℃ to 60℃, it is the ideal solution for industrial environments.

Item Nuvo Fanless Box PC IPC
Front-side I/O Y N N
Fanless Y N N
Slot 2 / 5 1~20 5
Rack Y Y Y
Power input 8~35V 110V/220V AC 110V/220V AC
Temp. -25℃~60℃ 0℃~50℃ 0℃~50℃
Price $$ $$$ $$

Regulated Air Flow for Add-on Cards

Neousys Fanless Box PC regulates airflow for add-on cards by means of an optimized air inlet aperture and a purposely positioned fan (optional). Traditional 19" IPC has insufficient air flow due to turbulence caused by multiple fans (chassis/ CPU/ PSU) and cables. Neousys Fanless Box PC, Nuvo-6000 series are designed to sustain low internal chassis temperature for add-on cards for better system reliability.

Nuvo-6000 Series: ΔT* < 5℃
Nuvo-6000 Series
Traditional IPC: ΔT* > 10℃
Traditional IPC

Smart and Efficient Fan Operation

User can define fan speed vs temperature profile in the BIOS. The adjustable settings allow the Fanless Box PC to be quieter during operation while extending the fan’s lifespan and in turn, enhancing system stability and durability.

Nuvo-6000 Series:

With fan speed and temperature trigger settings set, the fan speed can change seamlessly according to temperature readings.

Fan speed changes smoothly according to user-specific trip points
Traditional IPC:

Traditional IPC fan operation is dictated by system’s ON (fan at full speed) and OFF statuses.

Fan speed is fixed its operation is only ON or OFF

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